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MoH Warfighter Hack and Cheats with Aimbot

There are a lot of cheat sites out there, helping newbies to be just as good as veteran players all over the world. They’re becoming more popular everyday. These sites vary from being very popular to not so known cheat sites and I’m here to let you know on 3 of the sites that I think are the best. These sites all have a few things in common and yes one of those might be that they all sell hacks and aimbots. But there are a lot more to a cheat site then just that. So you may ask, which sites am I talking about? Well, I have the answer! Aimjunkies, Virtual-Advantage and Mombot would be these cheat sites. These particular sites have wonderful service, and constantly listen and help their customers as well as they can. To helping with the setup of the hack, or simply knowing how to use it. They also have one cheat that I’d like to talk you through, Medal Of Honor: Warfighter.

Medal Of Honor: Warfighter is a first-person shooter game. Developed by Danger Close Games and published by Electronic Arts. There is no doubt that they have created a game that is and will be loved by more and more gamers around the world. With the help of these cheats, there is no doubt that it will help new players with learning the game and give you the best experience possible and enjoy playing it.

Sequence coded the hack and aimbot for both Aimjunkies and Virtual Advantage where as Sycore coded the hack and aimbot for Mombot. Both these coders are extraordinary great coders which take their time with their cheats to ensure the best quality hack comes out. Both these cheats consist of Aimbot, ESP, Radars and much much more. Starting with ESP, Let’s make one thing clear, ESP isn’t just boxes everywhere all over your screen just showing you where players are. These ESPs are high-quality and give more than that as a benefit. All these cheats consist of ESP that not only show you where the players are, but be as versatile as possible, so you can play the way you wish. They all have ESP qualities for example, seeing players positioning (Not just your opponents but your team also), You can also see such things as Planes, Helicopters, Explosives and much much more.

The Medal of Honor: Warfighter aimbots consist of a few more features then the previous, ESP. These features are definitely going to assist every player that use these aimbots.The features consist of the aimbot itself (Of course, never missing a shot), Bone scan – It even scans through the dark!, No Recoil, So say goodbye to that natural recoil your particular gun comes with when it’s fired, and knifebot, which will automatically attack someone that comes up with a surprise attacks up close! And one of the best features of the aimbot are that even if you’re lagging, your opponent is lagging or even the server is lagging, these hacks consist of ping prediction which means no matter the ping/lag you will still not miss. There are so many more features to this aimbot that you’ll just have to read down below for more information.

There are so many more features, for example, Crosshairs, Fast bullets, No Breathing, A friends list, Warnings and more. ( See below for more information) All these cheats come with anit-cheats of course, Punkuster Undetected, PBSS Protection and Secure Hack Streaming System.

Visit , and for your hacking needs!

These are just some of the following features between all of these cheats and aimbots. Please Note: These cheats are only usable by MoH Warfighter for PC Only.


- No Recoil (Enabled with or without the aimbot)
- No Spread (Does not shake; Enabled with or without the aimbot)
- Visibility Checks
- On Screen Only
- Lock On Vehicles
- Stick To Target
- Auto Fire
- Auto Switch
- Aimkey
- Aim Team
- Prediction Multiplier
- Bone Scan
- Aim Bone ( Head, Neck, Chest, Groin, Left Arm, Right Arm, Left Leg, Right Leg )
- Shot Delay
- FOV Limit

2D Radar:
- Enable Radar
- Draw Friends

3D Radar:
- Name Esp
- Distance Esp
- Health Esp
- Bounding Boxes
- Skeleton Bones
- Draw Friendly Players
- Visibility Checks
- Snap Lines
- Only Draw Visual Snap Lines
- Draw Friendly Players

- XHair
- Fast Bullets
- No Breathing
- Friends List
- Enemy Behind Warnings
- Enemy Visible Warnings
- Behind Distance

- Punkbuster Undetected
- PBSS Protection
- One of the best secured hack loader

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